Learn everything you need to know about the new XPRES-T EV through frequently asked questions.

Electric vehicles are as safe and are as easy to maintain as conventional vehicles. All EVs undergo the same rigorous safety testing as conventional cars. Additionally, specific tests for the battery pack and other high voltage components are also done. In addition to having compact and non-moving components, electric vehicles tend to have a low centre of gravity as compared to conventional vehicles, making them better to handle.
XPRES-T EV is available in 1 variant - XM++.
XPRES-T EV has a high strength structure ensuring passenger safety as well as High Voltage safety system. Vehicle is equipped with driver airbag, passenger airbag & ABS for enhanced safety.
XPRES-T EV is available only in a select cities: You can refer to Dealer Locator on our website under Driving EVs section to find out nearest dealer. Link: https://xprest.tatamotors.com/electric/dealerlocator.
For eligible entities the applicable incentive is INR 2,15,000/- (Two Lakh Fifteen Thousand Only) IMPORTANT NOTE : As per the Gazette Notification for FAME India Scheme Phase-II, incentive is only applicable to 4W (four wheeler) vehicles used for Public Transport or those registered for commercial purposes.
Different finance options are available at the dealerships both from Banks and NBFCs with schemes from TMF, SBI, ICICI, HDFC banks etc. Our dealer will help you with additional information on the same.
XPRES-T EV has ARAI certified range of 277 kms. XPRES-T EV is powered by 25.5 kWh battery pack.
XPRES-T EV comes with a regular 15 Ampere AC charger cable with industrial socket. You can easily install XPRES-T EV charger at your home / apartment building. You need to get in touch with your society manager and your electricity distribution company (DISCOM) for taking the necessary permissions. Any local electrician can install a 15 ampere industrial socket at your place. The installation cost will depend on the parking location and the distance from the meter box. Please enquire with your nearest XPRES-T EV dealer listed on Dealer Locator page on our website. Link: https://xprest.tatamotors.com/electric/dealerlocator. For commercial users of XPRES-T EV : We can also help you get fast chargers installed at your workplace / parking place through our partners.
Public EV charging infrastructure is expanding by the day across India. There are numerous free community charging stations with both AC and DC charging capability as well as paid community charging stations. Depending on the type of set up it is either free or paid (according to usage). Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited has also collaborated with Tata Power to install fast chargers at various locations in top cities. Please refer the list of all charging stations compiled on the charging station page to learn about your nearest charging stations. Link: https://xprest.tatamotors.com/electric/dealerlocator Disclaimer – Charging Point Locator information sourced from open source: Google, Tata Power, PlugIn India website, ReCharge India mobile app and is not from Tata Motors. Users should refer to the parent websites/ apps as the information on this site may not be up-to-date.
XPRES-T EV comes with a regular 15 Ampere AC charger cable with industrial socket.
XPRES-T EV has 2 charging options:
1. Normal AC Charging via 220 / 230 V AC single phase charger: Time taken for 0 to 100% charge is approximately 11 hours depending on ambient and battery temperature. The car can be plugged into any 15 ampere socket directly or to a 3-pin industrial / domestic socket through an adaptor.
2. Fast DC Charging via any DC Fast Charger: Time taken for 0 to 100% charge is approximately 145 minutes* depending on ambient and battery temperature.
The instrument cluster on XPRES-T EV depicts the State of Charge (SOC) of the battery at any given moment when the car's ignition is on. This is expressed as a percentage of charge remaining. It also displays how many kms can XPRES-T EV cover with present State of Charge.
XPRES-T EV is equipped with intelligent on-board power electronics that stops charging once full charge state is achieved.
Yes, it is safe to charge XPRES-T EV during rain. Modern charging cables have several layers of protection that ensure safe operation in wet conditions. Constant communication is also maintained between the vehicle and charger to ensure charging is stopped in case any fault is noticed. It is perfectly safe to drive electric cars during monsoon. Customers are advised to maintain similar precaution as they would maintain with petrol/diesel engine vehicles.
In case your XPRES-T EV runs out of charge, you can contact our 24/7 road side assistance team at 1800 209 7979 and they will be able to help you taking the vehicle to the nearest charging station.
No, these factors do not affect the driving range of your XPRES-T EV . The four main factors that reduce the range of an electric vehicle are the type of journey, speed, use of air conditioning and heating and driving style.
The electric motor uses energy only when vehicle is moving. When stationary, the only energy consumption is from any additional systems that you are using, such as the heating or air conditioning. When stationary XPRES-T EV uses very little energy, especially compared to a conventional fuel-powered car, which consumes energy even when stationary as the engine keeps running.
The way you drive your vehicle has a direct influence on the driving range. We have summarised a few tips to make your battery last longer:
- Adopt a more relaxed, gentle driving style
- Drive at a constant speed as much as you can: adjust your speed by controlling your acceleration, including going downhill
- Use the regenerative braking: when you need to bring the vehicle to a stop, first release the accelerator pedal to decelerate gently, then stop the vehicle with the brake pedal at a lower speed.
XPRES-T EV has 2 batteries, one for powering the motor of the car & one for regular system like lighting, horn, infotainment system etc. The battery pack that powers the motor of the XPRES-T EV is placed in a secure location under the boot of the vehicle. The conventional battery is located under the bonnet to power all the regular systems in the car – like exterior / interior lighting, horn, infotainment.
Please visit our Dealer Locator page on our website under Driving EVs section to find out nearest dealer. All our XPRES-T EV dealerships are equipped to service the vehicle. Link: https://xprest.tatamotors.com/electric/dealerlocator.
Warranty offered is for 3 years / 1,25,000 km whichever is earlier. The complete car along with the powertrain is covered. Accidental damage is not included.
XPRES-T EV comes with 24/7 comprehensive road side assistance. In case of breakdowns, you can contact our 24/7 road side assistance team at 1800 209 7979 for help. Accidental damage cover is not included.